Can You Play Two Sports in College? The Pros and Cons

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Playing multiple sports in college has become more popular in recent years. Some athletes choose to play two sports in order to stay busy and keep their skills sharp, while others do it because they love both sports and aren’t sure which one they want to pursue professionally. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of playing more than one sport in college. We will also answer the question of if it is possible to play two sports at the same time.

What Percent of High School Athletes Play in College?

College coaches are always on the lookout for talented high school athletes to add to their teams. Playing multiple sports can make you a more desirable recruit for a college team. Coaches like to see athletes who are well-rounded and can excel in multiple areas.

According to the NCAA, about 7% of high school athletes go on to play sports in college. This number is a little lower for men and a little higher for women. There are many factors that contribute to this percentage, including the level of competition at the high school and collegiate levels, the athlete’s talent, and the availability of scholarships.

How Much Time Do College Athletes Spend on Sports?

Playing sports in college can be very time-consuming and can interfere with your academics if you are not careful. The NCAA recommends that college athletes spend no more than 20 hours per week on their sport, including practices, games, and other activities related to the sport. This may not seem like a lot of time, but it can be very difficult to balance your schoolwork with your practice schedule and game schedule. In addition to practices and games, athletes also have to travel for away games. All of this can add up to a very busy schedule.

Because they spend so much time on their sport, it is important for college athletes to manage their time wisely. They need to make sure they are getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and doing well in their classes. If they are not careful, their grades can suffer and they can get behind in their schoolwork. College athletes need to be organized and disciplined in order to succeed both on and off the field.

Can You Play Two Sports in College?

Yes, you can play two sports in college, but it can be tough. If you are good enough to play at the collegiate level for two different sports then you are probably a pretty talented athlete. However, if you are not at the competitive level for your secondary sport then playing two separate seasons could take a toll on your body and affect your performance in your primary sport.

Playing two sports can also be difficult because you have to balance both academics and athletics, which can be tough when you are trying to practice or play two different sports. Ultimately, it is up to the individual athlete to decide if playing two sports is worth the time commitment and whether they can handle it.

Pros of Playing Multiple Sports in College

Playing multiple sports in college has many benefits, and here are just a few:

You’ll Stay in Shape

One of the biggest benefits of playing two sports in college is that it helps you stay in better shape and perform better in those sports. The different sports keep your body active and guessing, which prevents your muscles from getting too used to a certain exercise routine. Additionally, playing different sports in college can give you an edge over your competition when you eventually compete in one sport professionally.

You May Get a Scholarship

Another benefit is that playing more than one sport can increase your chance to get scholarships from different colleges. Colleges want to recruit athletes that are talented in multiple sports and can bring championship titles to their school. If you’re a well-rounded athlete, be sure to market yourself as such to college recruiters.

You’ll Develop Discipline

Playing multiple sports in college can help you develop discipline. This is because you have to balance your time between different practices, games, and studying. Additionally, you have to be focused and disciplined when you’re practicing or competing so that you can improve and win.

You’ll Meet More People

When you participate in more than one sport, it gives you an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. You’ll meet people on your team as well as people from other teams that you compete against. These relationships can last a lifetime and provide you with a support system both in and out of college.

You’ll Be a Better Overall Athlete

Lastly, participating in multiple sports helps to make you a better overall athlete because you are constantly working out and conditioning your body. You are also learning different skills and techniques that can help you in both sports.

Cons of Playing Multiple Sports in College

Playing multiple sports in college can have several drawbacks, including:

Strain On Your Body

One of the biggest drawbacks of playing two sports in college is the strain it can put on your body. When you’re playing two different sports, you are constantly practicing and competing, which can lead to fatigue and injuries. Additionally, if you’re not careful, you can burn out from trying to do too much.

Time Commitment

Another downside of playing two sports in college is the time commitment it requires. Being a student-athlete, you have to dedicate time to both sports practices and games. This can be tough to balance with academics and social activities. Additionally, you may have to miss out on important events like family gatherings or friends’ birthdays.

Difficult to Excel at Two Different Sports

It can be difficult to excel to your fullest potential if you play multiple sports because you are dividing your time and energy between different activities. You may not be able to give each sport the attention it deserves, which can lead to poorer performance. Additionally, you may also miss out on important opportunities, like improving your skills or winning a championship, because you’re not focused on one particular sport.

Competing for Social Status

Finally, playing two sports in college can be tough because you’re competing for social status. When you are part of a team, there is a hierarchy and people are always wanting the top spot. This can lead to conflict and tension both on and off the field. Additionally, you may find yourself comparing your accomplishments to those of other athletes, which can be discouraging.

In Conclusion

So, is playing two sports in college worth it? It depends on the person. Some athletes thrive when they are able to play multiple sports, while others find it to be too much of a commitment. Ultimately, you have to decide what’s best for you and what will help you reach your goals.

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