Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

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There is a lot of debate about homeschooling in middle school and high school. Some people believe that it is the best way to get an education, while others think that it doesn’t prepare students well for college. So, can homeschoolers go to college? The answer is yes! In this blog, we will discuss how homeschooling throughout middle school and high school impacts going to college and what you need to do to be prepared.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is when a child is taught at home, typically by their parents. Homeschoolers tend to have a more flexible education, which means they can tailor their studies to their interests and strengths. For example, a homeschooler interested in science might spend more time on that subject than a student in a traditional school.

There are many reasons why parents may choose to homeschool their children. Some families feel that they can provide a better education at home than their child would receive at a public school. Others want their child to have a religious education and feel that they can best provide that at home. Some parents simply want more control over what their child is learning.

Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

Yes, homeschoolers can go to college. While there are not any official stats on how many homeschoolers go on to college, it is safe to say that the majority of homeschoolers do pursue higher education. In fact, there are many colleges that cater specifically to homeschooled students. Homeschooling in middle school and high school does not prevent you from going to college. However, homeschoolers often have a different educational experience than students who attend traditional schools which can sometimes make it difficult to transition into college.

Is it Harder to Get Into College if You Are Homeschooled?

So is it harder for homeschoolers to get into college? There is not a solid answer to this question. Some experts say that it can be harder for homeschooled students to get into college, because they may not have the same level of social interaction or opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities as traditional school students. Others argue that homeschooled students often have a more individualized education, which can be an asset when applying to college. Ultimately, it depends on the individual student and the college they are applying to. Some schools may prefer traditional school transcripts, while others may appreciate the unique perspectives that homeschooled students can offer. So there is no easy answer – it really depends on the situation.

Tips for Homeschoolers to Get Into College

There are a few things that homeschoolers need to be aware of to get into college. Because homeschoolers don’t have the traditional school experience with high school counselors providing guidance on how to get into college, many homeschoolers may not know where to begin. Below are tips for homeschoolers planning to go to college.

Make sure your transcripts are in order

You will need to make sure to have a transcript from any school you may have attended during your education, including your grades and the classes you took. You can get this transcript by contacting the school or district office where you were homeschooled. If your high school diploma is coming from a homeschooling association, you will need to get a copy of that as well.

Take standardized tests

The most common standardized tests required for college are the SAT and ACT. These tests are important because they help colleges understand your academic abilities. If you don’t take these tests and receive good test scores, it may be more difficult to get accepted into the college of your choice.

Research colleges

There are many colleges that cater specifically to homeschoolers. Do some research on these schools and see if they fit your academic interests and goals. When it comes to getting into college, there are a lot of other important factors to consider as well. For example, what is the school’s reputation? What are the majors offered? What are some things that make this school stand out from others? Researching colleges can be difficult and time-consuming but it is worth it.

Letters of Recommendations

Colleges typically ask for letters of recommendation during the application process from teachers or other adults who will speak to your character and abilities. If you are homeschooled, you can ask a coach, mentor, or another adult who knows you well to write a letter of recommendation.

Fill out college applications

The process of filling out college applications can be daunting, but there are resources available to help you. Most colleges have websites with information about the application process, deadlines, and requirements. There are also books and online resources that can help you navigate the process. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to tailor their education to their interests and strengths, which can be an asset when applying to colleges.


If you are a homeschooler, don’t be discouraged – getting into college is definitely possible. Contact the admissions office of your chosen school for more information on what specific requirements you will need to meet. And remember, there are plenty of resources out there to help make the transition from homeschooling to college as smooth as possible. We wish you success in your higher educational journey!


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