Best Health and Wellness Blogs for College Students in 2022

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As a college student, it is important to focus on your health and wellness. Juggling classes, work, and social activities can be difficult, and it is easy to let your health take a back seat. However, taking care of yourself should be your top priority! In this blog post, we will discuss the best health and wellness blogs for college students to follow.

The Art of Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living blog is all about helping people live their best lives. The blog’s author, Dina Proctor, is a health and wellness coach who provides tips and advice for living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for tips on eating healthy, exercising, or managing stress, the Art of Healthy Living blog has you covered.

Student Minds

Student Minds is a blog written by and for students. The blog provides advice and information on a variety of topics, including studying, exams, mental health, and campus life. Student Minds is a great resource for college students who want to improve their academic performance and stay healthy and happy during their time in school.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a blog written by and for nerds. The blog provides practical tips on a variety of topics, including weightlifting, eating healthy, and gaming. Nerd Fitness is a great resource for college students who want to stay in shape during their time in school.

Bites of Wellness

Bites of Wellness is a wellness blog that is a good resource for college students. It provides a wealth of information on healthy recipes that are easy enough for students to make. Whether you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan, Bites of Wellness offers advice for all individuals to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life blog is all about helping people live a healthy, balanced life and achieve their goals. It also provides resources such as an online store that sells healthy foods and fitness equipment. This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to take care of themselves so they can reach their full potential.


The MyFitnessPal blog is a resource for anyone looking to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. The blog provides information on topics such as healthy eating, inspiration, and fitness. It also has a wide variety of online videos to help promote healthy lifestyles.

Jessica Slaughter

Jessica Slaughter’s blog is an excellent resource for college students looking for wellness or lifestyle tips. Jessica provides practical tips and advice that is tailored specifically to the needs of college-aged individuals and covers topics such as productivity, how to deal with stress and how to live an overall happier life.

The Yoga Warrior

The Yoga Warrior blog is all about helping people live a healthy, balanced life and achieve their goals through yoga. It also provides tools to help you practice mindfulness. This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to use yoga to help improve their overall health and wellness.

Carrots N Cake

Carrots N Cake is a blog that provides tips and tricks for health, wellness, and fitness that can help college students improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing. Carrots N Cake strives to make it easier for you to create healthy habits in your life by providing you with fitness coaching, nutrition programs, and more.

Be More With Less

Be More With Less is a blog that provides tips and tricks for living a minimalist lifestyle. The goal of the Be More With Less blog is to help people learn how to declutter their lives, live with less stress, and find more happiness.


Tailored towards women, Blogilates is a blog created by Cassey Ho, a fitness trainer and YouTube personality. The Blogilates blog provides tips for better living through healthier eating habits, exercise routines, and general wellness advice. The blog also features video tutorials on various workouts that are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home or dorm.


Shape is a popular blog and magazine that is all about helping people improve their lives through fitness. They provide step-by-step workouts, nutrition tips, and mental health and happiness advice. Their goal is to help people achieve their goals and be their best selves.

DIY Active

DIY Active is a blog that provides information on how to stay active and healthy without having to go to the gym or spend money on expensive equipment. The blog includes tutorials on how to make your own workout equipment, recipes for healthy meals, and tips for staying motivated.

The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind is a blog that was created to help people live happier, healthier lives. The blog features information on self-care, mindfulness, mental health topics, and ways to improve your relationship with yourself. They also provide tips for living a minimalist lifestyle and ways to cope when life throws you curves.


Healthline is one of the most robust health and wellness blogs around. Their mission is “to help make healthy living easy.” This blog helps teach people about how to live a healthy lifestyle. They talk about things like fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and more. Healthline is updated with new articles throughout the day so you can always get information when you need it most.

Zen Habits

The Zen Habits blog is run by Leo Babauta, who is a writer and blogger on productivity, simplicity, and veganism. The blog has tons of helpful articles on living a healthy lifestyle, ranging from topics such as fitness and nutrition to stress management and sleep habits.


The ByKwest blog is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their health and happiness. The author’s intent in creating this blog was to make wellness tools more accessible. This blog features inspiring stories about empowerment and living a happier life.


MizFitOnline is a health and wellness blog, created by an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. The goal of this blog is to provide information that will help you make educated decisions about your food choices, fitness level, and overall well-being.

Run to the Finish

The Run to the Finish blog is here to help runners of all levels stay fit and healthy. This blog discusses issues that are relevant for runners, like how to treat knee pain, how to add strength training into your routine, and what kind of apparel and equipment is best for running.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health blog covers everything health-related. This blog offers many different tools, like a symptom checker, meal planner, and diabetes journal, to help you stay healthy. Everyday Health does not just cover topics related to physical health, but also provides tips on improving emotional and mental health. is a blog that focuses on the connection between mind and body to promote health, wellness, and a sense of overall well-being. This blog provides readers with insights into how your mental state can affect your physical state. It also offers inspirational messages about overcoming adversity for those struggling with any aspect of life.

Om & The City

Om & The City is a blog dedicated to empowering women to be their best self. This blog has dedicated itself to providing helpful content that will inspire you each day. You can read about personal experiences with weight loss, nutrition, workouts, and more.

Move It Mondays

Move It Mondays is a blog that talks about fitness, wellness, and nutrition that has been featured on Buzzfeed as well as in other publications such as The Huffington Post. The author of this blog is a certified personal trainer whose goal is to inspire people through her writing, workouts, and recipes so that they can lead healthier lives by looking good, feeling great and living life to the fullest.

Fitting It All In

The Fitting It All In blog is all about helping people to balance their school, work, family, and social lives. The author of the blog, who is a mother of two children, knows how hard it can be to try to fit everything in and offers helpful advice on how to make the most of your time. She provides tips on everything from time management to organizing your life to cooking quick and healthy meals.


DailyOM is a blog that encourages happiness. They cover topics including wellness, meditation, and spirituality. This blog is an online destination for readers who are looking for inspiration in all aspects of life. DailyOM produces podcasts featuring interviews with experts in the fields of yoga and meditation.

Health Magazine

Health Magazine is a popular blog and magazine that provides information on diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and time-management tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health Magazine also features success stories from people of all ages who have found success in their fitness goals or improved their mental health through lifestyle changes.

No Sidebar

No Sidebar is a blog about minimalism and productivity. The blog’s goal is to help people declutter their lives, both physically and mentally, so that they can focus on what’s important. No Sidebar provides tips that can be useful to students on how to reduce stress, organize your time, and simplify your life.

Hungry Healthy Happy

The Hungry Healthy Happy blog is all about finding the perfect balance between healthy eating and enjoying your food. The blog’s author, Holly, is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who loves to cook and eat delicious food, but also wants to stay healthy and fit. Her recipes are all healthy and nutritious, but they also taste great.

ACE Insights Blog

ACE (American Council on Exercise) Insights is a fitness blog with an emphasis on how to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. ACE Insights provides information on diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and time-management tips to help young adults maintain healthy lifestyles.

Garmin Fitness Blog

Garmin Fitness Blog caters to achieving fitness goals by discussing the importance of health and wellness in college, as well as providing tips for staying healthy. Their blog covers topics from how to stay active when studying abroad or traveling on break to what exercises are best if you have back pain or just want some quick workouts while at work. They provide information like which days are best to workout based on your sleep schedule so you can be sure not only that you’re getting enough exercise but also enough rest.

Born Fitness

Born Fitness believes in the power of education and knowledge over experience because they know what works for them may not work for everyone else. This blog is an informative resource with easy-to-understand content and coaching that will help anyone who wants to get healthy and become more physically fit live a healthier lifestyle.


Mellowed is a blog that discusses the importance of self-improvement for a calm lifestyle. Mellowed covers topics such as mental health, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, exercise, sleep habits, and many more. This blog is great for college students because it offers the best ways on how to stay mentally healthy while also providing resources for help if needed.

Well + Good

The Well + Good blog is all about wellbeing for your mind, body, and spirit. The blog’s author is a self-proclaimed “health nut” who loves to share her tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Well + Good topics such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, relationship tips, and time-management tips to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Calm is a mindfulness blog that offers helpful tips and advice for living a more mindful life. The blog’s tagline is “live more mindfully, be happier”, and it strives to help readers do just that. Some of the topics covered in this blog include meditation, stress relief, self-compassion, and productivity. Calm also has an app that provides guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness tips.

Nutrition Stripped

The Nutrition Stripped blog is a resource for those who want to learn more about the importance of nutrition and wellness in their day-to-day lives. The blog offers a variety of articles, including its own monthly newsletter that is filled with valuable information on nutrition, healthy eating, and fitness.


These are just some of the many health and wellness blogs that college students can follow. By keeping up with these blogs, you’ll be able to stay healthy and happy during your time in school!

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